Frozen and fresh meat

  • You buy directly from us and not over other cutting companies always quality first choice.


  • We are IFS and BRC certified.


  • With our company we are able to produce all kinds of cuts in all attractive packaging variants (slaughter halves, 2Kg, 1Kg, 0,5Kg and 200gr. Vacuum bags) - frozen and fresh.


  • This is important, on the one hand, to serve our industrial customers, but on the other hand, in particular, to meet the wishes of the end user.
Black Porcus Presa
Black Porcus Pluma
Black Porcus Presa

Gran Reserva Ham

  • Premium Ham Gran Reserva.


  • Maturing for at least 2 years in natural cellars.


  • Mild and aromatic in the taste. 


  • Our pigs feed on herbs, grasses, acorns and natural forage in the southern Spanish region of Andalucia.
Pata Negra Schinken
Pata Negra Schinken