„A long and free range life in nature“

In February 2014, our Spanish state finally managed to protect the Iberico breed, whether crossed or purebred, by means of a Royal Decree – but this now unfortunately only applies to products of this breed manufactured in Spain.

Since then, headlines have been read almost monthly in the media about bags of fraud at a very large and high level.


JIMÉNEZ had been committed to bringing the real Iberico to market at the highest quality standards long before the decree. We have given our very old breeding route an independent name: Black Porcus®.


Black Porcus® stands for absolute premium meat and for all top products of our own breed:

  • Higher Slaughter age
  • Free range
  • Natural feed
  • Best meat with high levels of unsaturated fatty acid and very fine marbling.


We want our customers to be sure that the price they pay has a corresponding value in the quality and transparency we offer.


What nobody talks about:

As is often assumed, the 100% Ibérico is not only one breed, but principally consists of 6 different genetic breeds and colors (see table below), which can be crossed among themselves to 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.



The 6 different 100% races:

Black races:

  • Negro entrepelado
  • Negro lampiño (without bristles)

 Colored races:

  • Manchado de Jabugo
  • Retinto
  • Rubio andaluz
  • Torbiscal


Imagine, then, how high the value of the almost innumerable crosses between the many 100% races and the obligatory "European Duroc" race can be.


How everyone crosses now depends on whether you are looking for more economic efficiency in connection with fast growth and low slaughter age or sustainable rearing with an optimal fat-to-meat ratio and thus want to significantly affect the quality. This is a well-guarded secret, like an own recipe you do not reveal.


Black Porcus® is a breed from our own dark and very old breeds living on the Spanish peninsula.


Black Porcus® offers an even higher quality standard, which is not comparable to the "usual" Ibérico and other pig breeds.



All animals are certified by authorized regulatory agencies.